Following your procedure, Muskegon Surgery Center nursing staff will review your discharge instructions with you and those who accompany you to the center. You will also receive a copy of these instructions to take home. You should take this opportunity to ask any questions regarding your post-discharge and recovery care.

For the public’s safety as well as your own, Muskegon Surgery Center requires you to have someone drive you home after surgery unless your surgeon and the management have pre-approved other arrangements. Some procedures, anesthesia and medications may impair your ability to drive safely for a period of time following surgery. If you do not have a ride, or if your physician and Muskegon Surgery Center management have not given prior approval to drive yourself or take public transportation, your appointment will be cancelled.

You should have a responsible person stay with you after surgery, including the first night after you return home.

If you feel you have an emergency after you return home, you should immediately call your physician’s office or go to the hospital emergency room.